Double Crested Cormorant

Unseasonable weather continues, and I have to wonder about climate change, especially after watching the latest NOVA special. It’s a weird world where money can trump good science.
I spent a couple of hours at Greenbury Point to virtually no avail, followed by a quick trip to Truxtun Park that wasn’t much better. Where are the birds?

Double Crested Cormorant

These Double Crested Cormorants are resting on an Osprey nesting platform. The one on the right is a juvenile.

Great Blue Heron

If you can’t find a bird to photograph, head for the bridge at Truxtun Park and this Great Blue Heron will accommodate you.

White Breasted Nuthatch

I don’t take many feeder shots, but a very nice couple (Thanks, Bill and Lisa) allowed me into their yard full of feeders where this White Breasted Nuthatch was hanging out.

Great Blue Heron

I was in a good position to capture this Great Blue Heron as he flew by.


This Titmouse was taking advantage of the feeders also.

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrows remain plentiful.

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