Least Sandpiper at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

Sandy Point was much better to me this morning, with a decent sunrise.  There were far too many fishermen, however, so I’ll avoid the place on weekends in the future.

I skipped Terrapin altogether and went straight to CBEC, which had pretty much the same cast as yesterday, with the addition of an eagle.

I made a brief stop at Quiet Waters this afternoon, and found a few decent bugs.

Sandy Point 491

Sandy Point 492

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Snowy Egret 2017-62 Snowy Egret 2017-61

Snowy Egret 2017-60

A few Snowy Egrets flew over early.

Forster's Tern 2017-40

Forster's Tern 2017-39

Forster’s Terns are still very active.

Greater Yellowlegs 2017-26

Greater Yellowlegs 2017-25

Greater Yellowlegs 2017-24

This Greater Yellowlegs was foraging near me.

Tri-colored Heron 2017-4 Tri-colored Heron 2017-3

Tri-colored Heron 2017-5

The Tr-colored Herons are still hanging out.

Osprey 2017-101

A single Osprey was cruising the lake.

Eastern Kingbird 2017-23

Eastern King birds are often found in pairs.

Bald Eagle 2017-145

Bald Eagle 2017-146

This probably a 4-5 year old Bald Eagle.

Least Sandpiper 2017-4

I see Least Sandpipers in many places.

Dragonfly 109 Dragonfly 108 Butterfly 61 Skipper 50 Insect 793 Dragonfly 107 Dragonfly 106 Dragonfly 105 Dragonfly 104 Dragonfly 103 Butterfly 60 Butterfly 59 Dragonfly 102

Dragonfly 110

Today’s bugs.




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