Raccoon at Lake Artemesia

I decided to try a new place today, so I went back to Lake Artemesia in Beltsville for a closer look. While not an overwhelming success, I did get a new bird and saw my first Racccoon in a tree. A good day, all in all.

Ring Necked Duck

This Ring Necked Duck is a first for me. It was taken during the morning fog.
From Cornell:
“Of all the diving duck species, the Ring-necked Duck is most likely to drop into small ponds during migration.”

Canada Goose

These Canada Geese were enjoying the early morning tranquility.There were dozens of geese on the lake.


This Beaver is carrying breakfast back to his den.

Ruddy Duck

This Ruddy Duck was patrolling the lake by himself.

Song Sparrow

This Song Sparrow struck a nice pose.

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

There were several flocks of Cedar Waxwings in residence.

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

This Ruby Crowned Kinglet is giving us a look at his crown.



This Mockingbird’s pose was so bizarre, I took a closer look. In the preceding image you can see his foot is tucked up under his wing, but I don’t know why.

Brown Thrasher

This Brown Thrasher flew into the frame while I was photographing another bird.


I’ve seen Raccoons around garbage cans or in the back yard, but this is the first time I saw one near his den.

Blue Headed Vireo

Blue Headed Vireo

Blue Headed Vireo

This Blue Headed Vireo was a nice find. (Thanks, Ed)


This looks like a family outing.

Unknown Duck

This may be a female Ruddy Duck, but I’m not sure. It turns out to be a Pied Bill Grebe (Thanks, Kevin).

Ruddy Duck

There was a raft of 10-12 Ruddy Ducks, all snoozing.

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