Barn Swallows at Lake Artemesia.

I met Graeme at Lake Artemesia this morning, and we had an OK morning. We definitely had more birds and more variety last year, but it’s hard to say if that means anything.

Tree Swallows were still fledging, and we found a single Barn Swallow still on its nest.

Lake Artemesia 88

Lake Artemesia 89

Lake Artemesia.

Canada Goose 2017-42

Canada Goose 2017-43

Canada Goose 2017-41

These first year Canada Geese seem to be nearly full grown.

Red Winged Blackbird 2017-78

This female Red Winged Blackbird posed very nicely.

Starling 2017-2

This is a very you Starling, and I didn’t recognize it.

Mallard 2017-25

A few Mallards were foraging in the lake.

Purple Martin 2017-13

Purple Martin 2017-12

Purple Martins were fairly active today.

Barn Swallow 2017-11

Barn Swallow 2017-9

This was the only Barn Swallow nest we found.

Graeme Simpson 15

Graeme Simpson, focusing, on the bridge.

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