Purple Martin at Lake Artemesia.

I decided to take a chance on Artemesia this morning, even though it’s been bad the last couple of trips.

It worked out. Not a lot of variety, but some good poses and decent light.

Wood Duck 2017-55 Wood Duck 2017-54 Wood Duck 2017-53 Wood Duck 2017-52

Wood Duck 2017-51

Wood Ducks seem to be a little late this year.

Tree Swallow 2017-66

Tree Swallow 2017-65 Tree Swallow 2017-64 Tree Swallow 2017-63 Tree Swallow 2017-62

Tree Swallow 2017-61

These Tree Swallow fledglings are waiting for a meal from mom or dad.

Purple Martin 2017-11

Purple Martin 2017-10

Purple Martin 2017-8

Purple Martin 2017-9

Purple Martins nest at Lake Artemesia.


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