Eastern Towhee at Wooton’s Landing.

I went back to Blackwater again this morning, and didn’t do as well. The flies are getting thick, but not as thick as they were at CBEC  a few days ago.  I’ve been told they’re even worse at Bombay Hook, so I’m going to pass on there for a while. They get so thick you’re constantly swatting at them, even though the insect repellent keeps them from biting.

The interesting thing today was the eagles eating carrion in the wheat fields. I saw three, accompanied by vultures,  feasting on what appeared to be dead deer, on the way home.

Bald Eagle 2017-118

This Bald Eagle just seemed to be hanging out.

Great Blue Heron 2017-44

Great Blue Herons now outnumber Great Egrets at Blackwater.

Red Headed Woodpecker 2017-28

The Red Headed Woodpecker is still showing off for me.

Blue Grosbeak 2017-3

I haven’t seen many Blue Grosbeaks recently.

Eastern Bluebird 2017-10

This Eastern Bluebird was feeding a chick.

Eastern Kingbird 2017-13

Eastern Kingbirds are numerous at Blackwater.

Osprey 2017-69

The Osprey chicks seem to be thriving.

Eastern Towhee 2017-3

I found this Eastern Towhee at Wooton a few days ago.

Turtle 77

This Turtle has had a close call.

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