Baltimore Oriole at Lake Artemesia.

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Between a week of flu and some very cold May weather, I haven’t gotten out much lately.

I’m posting a few pics from short recent trips, and more from a good trip to Lake Artemesia this morning. We’re finally getting a few migrants in decent numbers.

Lake Artemesia 87

Lake Artemesia.

Red Winged Blackbird 2017-25 Red Winged Blackbird 2017-24 Red Winged Blackbird 2017-23

Red Winged Blackbird 2017-265

Red Winged Blackbirds were very active.

Cedar Waxwing 2017-4 Cedar Waxwing 2017-3 Cedar Waxwing 2017-2

Cedar Waxwing 2017-5

A small flock of Cedar Waxwings was roaming the lake.

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 2017-7

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 2017-8

A few Blue gray Gnatcatchers were foraging near the lake.

Chickadee 2017-5 Chickadee 2017-4

Chickadee 2017-6

This Chickadee may be feeding young.

Crow 2017-4

This Crow was watching over the lake.

Wood Duck 2017-45

This Wood Duck hen was swimming by herself.

Cardinal 2017-3

I found this Cardinal as I was leaving.

Osprey 2017-51

Osprey 2017-52

Several Ospreys are feeding at Terrapin.

Wood Duck 2017-44

This Wood Duck drake was at Terrapin.

Canada Goose 2017-34

Canada Goose 2017-35

This Canada Goose was at Governor Bridge a few days ago.

Least Sandpiper 2017-1

Least Sandpiper 2017-2

This Least Sandpiper was feeding at Terrapin.

Baltimore Oriole 2017-8 Baltimore Oriole 2017-7 Baltimore Oriole 2017-6 Baltimore Oriole 2017-5 Baltimore Oriole 2017-4 Baltimore Oriole 2017-3 Baltimore Oriole 2017-2

Baltimore Oriole 2017-9

You can see the brilliant orange of a Baltimore Oriole from a long way.



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