Eastern Towhee at Wooton’s Landing.

It’s been slow for a few days. The migrants are here, but they seem to bypass me most of the time.

This was my second trip to Wooton’s recently, and there’s just not much there yet.

I went to Possum Point this morning and found a few Ospreys, but it was too cloudy to expect much.

I made a brief trip to Truxtun Park this afternoon, and it was slow also.

Osprey 2017-28 Osprey 2017-27 Osprey 2017-25

Osprey 2017-26

The Possum Point Ospreys are very active.

Swamp Sparrow 2017-1

Swamp Sparrow 2017-2

Swamp Sparrows seem to be well established now.

Mourning Dove 2017-1

This Mourning Dove seemed to be gathering nesting material.

Cardinal 2017-2

Cardinals can be heard everywhere, from dawn to dusk.

House Sparrow 2017-1

I don’t often post House Sparrows.

Blue Jay 2017-4

This Blue Jay posed for me at Truxtun Park.

Eastern Towhee 2017-1

I found this female Eastern Towhee at Wooton, and followed her for a while to get a shot.


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