Red Fox at Sandy Point.

I know migration is starting, but it doesn’t seem to be starting for me. Not much to see anywhere this morning, even at Sandy Point. I was lucky to find the Fox.

Terrapin was particularly barren, and CBEC had fewer birds than usual.

Sandy Point 486

Sunrise at Sandy Point.

Osprey 2017-23

Osprey 2017-24

The CBEC Ospreys were very active.

Tree Swallow 2017-32

A decent Tree Swallow in flight.

Cackling Goose 2017-6

Another look at the Cackling Goose.

Mallard 2017-22

Mallard 2017-21

Mallard 2017-20

Mallard 2017-19

These Mallards were having a disagreement.

Fox 71

Fox 72

I found this Fox as I was leaving Sandy Point.

Flower 93

I found this flower at Quiet Waters.

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