American White Pelicans at DeCoursey Bridge.

I tried Patuxent South yesterday, and it was almost a complete bust. Very few birds and not much variety, but a Common Merganser saved the day.

Today I went back to Blackwater where I knew I’d find some good birds and it turned out OK. DeCoursey Bridge is just a few miles from Blackwater, and people have seen Eagles fishing there, so I took a look. No Eagles, but the Pelicans were a very nice surprise.

Turkey Vulture 2017-1

It was funny to see this Turkey Vulture on a Tree Swallow nest box.

Killdeer 2017-4 Killdeer 2017-3

Killdeer 2017-2

This pair of Killdeer are mating at Blackwater.

Great Blue Heron 2017-21

A good 25 or so Great Blue Herons flew over Blackwater.

Red Winged Blackbird 2017-7

Red Winged Blackbird 2017-8

Red Winged Blackbirds are displaying everywhere.

Snow Goose 2017-20

Hundreds of Snow Geese are still in the area.

Northern Shoveler 2017-19

Northern Shoveler 2017-20

Northern Shovelers are still very common.

Hooded Merganser 2017-791

Hooded Mergansers spook very easily.

Northern Pintail 2017-29

This seemed to be the only Northern Pintail at Blackwater.

American Coot 2017-3

American Coots always seem a little boring to me.

Domestic Goose 2017-1

I found these domestic Geese on the way to Blackwater.

Bald Eagle 2017-67 Bald Eagle 2017-66

Bald Eagle 2017-65

I saw many Bald Eagles today.

Cooper's Hawk 2017-5

Cooper's Hawk 2017-4

This Cooper’s Hawk flew off when he saw me.

Canada Goose 2017-4

Canada Goose 2017-3

These Canada Geese were at Patuxent,.

Common Merganser 2017-6

Common Merganser 2017-5

This is the first Common Merganser I’ve seen at Patuxent.

American White Pelican 2017-6

American White Pelican 2017-5

American White Pelican 2017-4

There were about 100 American White Pelicans at the bridge.

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