Greater Yellowlegs at Blackwater NWR.

It’s been very slow for a few days, so I decided to try Blackwater despite the very windy forecast. It was as windy as any day I’ve been out, and I actually had trouble holding the lens in the strongest gusts. The soaring birds seemed to like it, though, and there were plenty of birds in flight.

I also found Ring Necks and Gadwalls, which I don’t often see at Blackwater.

Chickadee 2017-1

This Chickadee was at CBEC yesterday.

Great Blue Heron 2017-20

Great Blue Heron 2017-19

Great Blue Heron 2017-18

I found this Great Blue Heron at CBEC yesterday.

Bald Eagle 2017-63

Bald Eagle 2017-62 Bald Eagle 2017-61

Bald Eagle 2017-60

This Bald Eagle is carrying a fish.

Bufflehead 2017-48

There’s always a few Buffleheads.

Ring Necked Duck 2017-7

I seldom see Ring Necked Ducks at Blackwater.

Tundra Swan 2017-58

Tundra Swan 2017-57

Tundra Swan 2017-56

An adult and a juvenile Tundra Swan.

Dunlin 2017-2

Dunlin 2017-1

This appears to be a flock of Dunlin.

Snow Goose 2017-19

Snow Goose 2017-18

A thousand or more Snow Geese are still wintering at Blackwater.

Gadwall 2017-4

This Gadwall was at Jonas Green Park.

Greater Yellowlegs 2017-2

Greater Yellowlegs 2017-1

A flock of 6-8 Greater Yellowlegs were foraging in the marsh.

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