Northern Harrier at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

The weather man promised a good day, and he delivered. I started at Terrapin, which was a real bust. No interesting birds in the trees or on the water.

CBEC was much better, including the year’s first Tree Swallows and a very cooperative Northern Harrier. I usually see these birds at a distance, but today she was hunting only a few dozen yards away, and I got a few nice shots.

Tundra Swan 2017-55

Many Tundra Swans were foraging at CBEC.

Canvasback 2017-18

I saw this large flock of Canvasbacks flying overhead as I was leaving.


Northern Pintail 2017-23 Northern Pintail 2017-22

Northern Pintail 2017-21

I’ve seen Northern Pintails at CBEC several times.

White Throated Sparrow 2017-2

This White Throated Sparrow was at Terrapin.

Tree Swallow 2017-1

Tree Swallow 2017-2

Tree Swallows regularly nest at CBEC.

Northern Harrier 2017-3

Northern Harrier 2017-6 Northern Harrier 2017-5

Northern Harrier 2017-4 Northern Harrier 2017-4 Northern Harrier 2017-9

Northern Harrier 2017-8 Northern Harrier 2017-6

Northern Harrier 2017-5

I was lucky to be quite near this Northern Harrier as she was hunting.


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