Cooper’s Hawk at Blackwater NWR.

I went to Eastern Neck NWR a couple of days ago and it was a major disappointment.  I’ve heard good things for years, but a 70 mile trip didn’t appeal, and I picked exactly the wrong time. I got only a couple of images, and nothing exciting.

Yesterday I stayed local and didn’t find much at all.

Today was back to Backwater, which was much more productive.  Eagle were abundant, a few hawks showed up and a few ducks as well, and the weather was perfect.

Northern Shoveler 2017-15

Northern Shovelers are still abundant.

Great Blue Heron 2017-16

On a calm day you can get some wonderful reflections like this Great Blue heron.

American White Pelican 2017-3

The American White Pelicans are still hanging out.

Horned Grebe 2017-10

This Horned Grebe was at Thomas Point.

Bufflehead 2017-44

Buffleheads also at Thomas Point.

Canvasback 2017-16

This Canvasback was at my friend’s house.

Lesser Scaup 2017-21

These Scaup were the only interesting birds I found at Eastern Neck.


Eastern Neck 1

A view of Eastern Neck NWR.

Bald Eagle 2017-53 Bald Eagle 2017-52 Bald Eagle 2017-51 Bald Eagle 2017-50 Bald Eagle 2017-48 Bald Eagle 2017-47 Bald Eagle 2017-46

Bald Eagle 2017-45

Bald Eagle 2017-54

Many Eagles were active today.

Hooded Merganser 2017-789 Hooded Merganser 2017-788 Hooded Merganser 2017-787 Hooded Merganser 2017-786 Hooded Merganser 2017-785 Hooded Merganser 2017-784

Hooded Merganser 2017-790

Hooded Mergansers were more cooperative than usual today.

Tundra Swan 2017-49

Tundra Swan 2017-50

Tundra Swans are still numerous.

Cooper's Hawk 2017-3

Cooper's Hawk 2017-2

I was lucky to spot this Cooper’s Hawk by the side of the road.

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