June 30, 2012

There was a ferocious storm last night, hugh winds and heavy ran such that there were a lot of power outages and the governor may declare a state of emergency. We got an automated phone call to conserve water until July 2, as the power is out at the water plant and they are running on a generator.
I was especially concerned about my flycatcher nest, so I went to Truxtun Park to check up on it. There were downed trees to the left and right, but she and the chicks were fine. Mother Nature is a powerful force.

Red Winged Blackbird

This another low light shot (ISO 3200), and I kind of like the look of this Red Winged Blackbird. It’s vaguely oriental.


I’ve often had trouble getting Crows to stay around long enough for a decent shot. but this guy was very cooperative.

Great Crested Flycatcher

This Great Crested Flycatcher was very active.


There were several Robins feasting on worms driven to the surface by the heavy rains.

Acadian Flycatcher Nest

Look just below the butterfly to see the open mouth of one of the two chicks.

Acadian Flycatcher Nestlngs

Here’s a better shot of the nestlings. (ISO 3200 again)


You’ll never go wrong with a Cardinal close up.


Several Chickadees were flitting about, as usual.

Red Eyed Vireo

I like this shot of a Red Eyed Vireo. I have often had trouble getting a good capture as they frequently inhabit the higher branches.

Red Eyed Vireo

This might be my best Red Eyed Vireo to date.

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  1. Love the babies…The Red Eye is also amazing. Never knew of them before. But then again, I never knew of many of the beauties you have photographed.

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