Goldfinch at Lake Artemesia.

I went to Buddy Attick yesterday, but didn’t see much beyond a couple of turtles.

It was cloudy this morning, and I was skeptical, but I set out early for Lake Artemesia anyway. After an hour or so, the skies began to clear and a few birds began to appear, but it wasn’t any bonanza.

I spent more time with the Purple Martins, and tried to get a shy Oriole out of the bushes, but to no avail. Better days will come.

Buddy Attick 4

Dawn at Buddy Attick.

Lake Artemesia 11 Lake Artemesia 12

Lake Artemesia 13

Views of Lake Artemesia.

Wood Duck 2016-67

Wood Duck 2016-66

A pair of Wood Ducks flew over the lake.

Song Sparrow 2016-9

Song Sparrows are the only sparrows I’m seeing lately.

Purple Martin 2016-49 Purple Martin 2016-48 Purple Martin 2016-46

Purple Martin 2016-45

I’m having more luck with flight shots of the Purple Martins.

Goldfinch 2106-3

Goldfinch 2106-4

Goldfinches have been in short supply this year.

Beaver 109

I see beavers often at Artemesia.

Turtle 47 Turtle 46

Turtle 45

This turtle is preparing to lay eggs.

Lily 2

Flower 66

Flowers from Buddy Attick.

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  1. That first photo of the dawn is so incredibly beautiful. Glad you were there to see it and take a photo!

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