Baltimore Oriole at Lake Artemesia.

After yesterday’s disappointment I decided to go back to Artemesia for a sure thing. It turned out well. The Baltimore Oriole has been a nemesis bird for me-I’ve got photos, but no really good ones.

I met Graeme early, and we saw good birds right away, and most of the morning. Afterward, he showed me nearby Buddy Attick Park, which I’ll visit again soon.

Lake Artemesia 10

A view of Lake Artemesia.

Yellow Billed Cuckoo 2016-1

This is the first Yellow Billed Cuckoo I’ve seen at Artemesia.

Mockingbird 2016-5

I often pass up Mockingbirds, but I liked this pose.

Common Loon 2016-101

This Common Loon was at Buddy Attick.

Red Winged Blackbird 2016-26

Red Winged Blackbird 2016-27

We saw this Red Winged Blackbird as we were leaving.

Barn Swallow 2016-8 Barn Swallow 2016-7

Barn Swallow 2016-6

Some very cooperative Barn Swallows.

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 2016-5

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 2016-6

I’ve seen fewer Blue Gray Gnatcatchers this year than previously.

Wood Duck 2016-54

Wood Duck 2016-55

Wood Ducks are thriving at Artemesia.

Mallard 2016-50

Mallard 2016-52

This Mallard will be leaving her ducklings soon.

Purple Martin 2016-40

Purple Martin 2016-41

More Purple Martin flight shots.

Green Heron 2016-8

Several Green Herons flew over the lake.

Orchard Oriole 2016-6 Orchard Oriole 2016-5

Orchard Oriole 2016-7

This Orchard Oriole was one of the first birds we saw this morning.

Baltimore Oriole 2016-3 Baltimore Oriole 2016-2

Baltimore Oriole 2016-5

Baltimore Oriole 2016-4

I really wanted this Baltimore Oriole, so we spent a lot of time chasing it.



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