Green Heron at Wooton’s Landing.

After dithering a while, I decided to try Wooton this morning. It’s not always easy to choose, and sometimes I wonder if I’d have done better had I gone elsewhere.

In any case, I made a good decision this morning. I found a warbler, at last, as well as a Green Heron, which is first of the season. A couple of cooperative ducks and a muskrat were icing on the wildlife cake.

Muskrat 10

A partly obscured Muskrat is better than no Muskrat.

Swamp Sparrow 2016-3

Wooton is a great place to find Swamp Sparrows.

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 2016-1

Blue Gray Gnatcatchers will be mating and building nests for a while.

Great Blue Heron 2016-7

This Great Blue Heron flew in and surveyed the scene.

American Coot 2016-4

These American Coot s were in the same pond as a few days ago.

Chickadee 2016-6

This Chickadee was feeding very busily.

Wood Duck 2016-29

Wood Duck 2016-25

Wood Duck 2016-28

Wood Duck 2016-30

Wood Duck 2016-27

Wood Duck 2016-26

I found a Wood Duck with her chicks in one of the marsh ponds.

Blue Winged Teal 2016-5

Blue Winged Teal 2016-4

These Blue Winged Teal were in a different pond than a few days ago.

Green Heron 2016-2

Green Heron 2016-1

This Green Heron was fairly close, but the lighting was poor.


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