Swamp Sparrow at Governor Bridge Natural Area.

A few warblers are being reported in the area, so I decided to give Governor Bridge at try. I’ve done well there in past years, but today wasn’t my day.

A large group of birders was in the park, which may or may not have affected the birds. I tried for two hours with limited success, then headed to Quiet Waters. I spent an hour at Quiet Waters without getting  a single usable image.

Better luck tomorrow.

Eastern Towhee 2016-2

This Eastern Towhee was the first bird I spotted this morning.

Wood Duck 2016-20

Wood Duck 2016-19

This pair of Wood Ducks flew overhead as I was searching for warblers.

Osprey 2016-13

I haven’t seen many Ospreys at Governor Bridge.

Cardinal 2016-5

I heard this female Cardinal long before I saw her. She’s one of the few female song birds I’ve heard singing.

Swamp Sparrow 20126-2

This Swamp Sparrow is in breeding plumage.


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