Double Crested Cormorant at Possum Point

I started with sunrise at Possum Point this morning. Not spectacular, but good enough. I saw a couple of eagles early on, but they were gone when the light got better.

Although there were many sparrows, they were very skittish and didn’t pose well. Cormorants were around by the dozen.

A quick stop at Jonas Green wasn’t very productive.

Possum Point 93

A charming young runner named Kim agreed to be my foreground for this shot.

Possum Point 92

Sunrise at Possum Point.

Ruby Crowned Kinglet 209

Ruby Crowned Kinglets are everywhere!

Double Crested Cormorant 119 Double Crested Cormorant 118

Double Crested Cormorant 120

I’ve been told that Double Crested Cormorants roost near the bay bridge, which is why I see so many at Sandy Point and Possum Point.

Song Sparrow 145

The Song Sparrow was the only sparrow who would pose today.

Jonas Green 15

The view looking NW from Jonas Green.

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