Field Sparrow at Sands Road Park

I tried to change my luck today with a visit to Wooton and Sands Road, but it wasn’t much better. I know some migrants are passing through, but I haven’t been in the right place yet.

The weather was perfect, cool with clear skies, but two hours at Wooton turned up very little, and Sands Road only had the usual suspects.

Catbird 209

Catbirds are fueling up for the trip South.

Song Sparrow 138

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Song Sparrow .

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 225

I’m seeing Blue Gray Gnatcatchers everywhere I go.

Red Shouldered Hawk 101

I wish this Red Shouldered Hawk had posed in a better place.

Field Sparrow 108

If you spend any tine at Sands Road, you’ll find a field Sparrow.

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