Blue Grosbeak at Governor Bridge Natural Area

I went to the Eastern Shore yesterday, and struck out completely. A very unusual occurrence. In truth, today wasn’t a lot better. I found a few good birds, but they wouldn’t pose. I had to settle for the usual suspects.

I spent a little time looking for bugs, and found a nice spider.

Catbird 208

This Catbird is molting.

Indigo Bunting 121

This is a juvenile Indigo Bunting, about as plain as a bird gets.

Common Yellowthroat 223

There’s almost always a common Yellowthroat to be found at Governor Bridge.

Eastern Phoebe 109

This Eastern Phoebe may be migrating.

Blue Grosbeak 211

Blue Grosbeaks will be migrating soon.

Skipper 26


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 45

Today’s bugs.

Spider 257

This (Wolf Spider, I think) is carrying her egg sac.


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