Cooper’s Hawk at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

More perfect weather. I started at Terrapin, which was once gain very slow. I understand the high water, but I wonder where the song birds are.

I moved on to CBEC after an hour or two, and it was slower than last week, but still productive. The Cooper’s Hawk was the first I’ve seen in a while, and an Indigo Bunting made a surprise appearance. I was lucky to find the Tricolored Heron, who was well hidden for a while.

Indigo Bunting 120

This is the first Indigo Bunting I’ve seen at CBEC.

Snowy Egret 177

Snowy Egret 180 Snowy Egret 179 Snowy Egret 178


Snowy Egret 176

This Snowy Egret has found a nice breakfast.

Great Blue Heron 340

There were at least 8 Great Blue Herons fishing in the lake.

Sandpiper 104

I believe this is a Lesser Yellowlegs.

Tri Colored Heron 25

Tri Colored Heron 24

This Tri Colored Heron flew away when I first found him, but I was able to re-locate him.

Cooper's Hawk 100

I saw this Cooper’s Hawk just before he attacked a small bird.

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