Mockingbird at Governor Bridge Natural Area

I got an early start this morning and arrived at Governor Bridge about 20 minutes before sunrise. I wandered around a bit, and settled into a good looking spot to wait.

Unfortunately it was one of those slow days, and I only got a few shots before my lens fogged up so badly I had to quit.

I may have to leave the lens in the car until the weather cools a bit, to prevent this issue, which is probably caused by the air conditioning.


Red Eyed Vireo 307

I haven’t seen a Red Eyed Vireo in a while.

Common Yellowthroat 221

Common Yellowthroats breed at Governor Bridge.

Mockingbird 106 Mockingbird 104 Mockingbird 103


Mockingbird 105

This Mockingbird is still feeding this young bird.

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