Green Heron at Wooton’s Landing

I met Graeme at Wooton this morning. I arrived early and found a few nice birds, then we wandered around a bit and located a few more, but it was a bit slow. A couple of butterflies helped us out.

We also stopped at Sands Road for a while, but it was slow as well. Very few insects were about.


This deer greeted me this morning.

Yellow Billed Cuckoo 105

We only got a quick look at this Yellow Billed Cuckoo.

Prothonotary Warbler 141

This Prothonotary Warbler was deep in the woods and hard to photograph.

Snowy Egret 139

Several Snowy Egrets flew overhead.

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 221

This Blue Gray Gnatcatcher has found a nice spider for breakfast.

Green Heron 124

Green Heron 122

Green Heron 123

Green Herons seem to be doing well everywhere.

Dragonfly 65 Dragonfly 64 Butterfly 24

Butterfly 23

Today’s bugs.

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