Black Crowned Night Heron at Depot Pond

Depot Pond is just a couple of blocks from Schoolhouse Pond, so I tried it first this morning. It’s excellent habitat, shallow marsh surrounded by good size trees, but it’s not a photographer’s site. Access is very limited because of dense growth. I got a couple of decent images and moved on to Schoolhouse Pond, which was much slower than yesterday.

I made a quick stop at Truxtun looking for bugs on the way home.

Mute Swan 1

Cornell: “A native of northern and central Eurasia, the Mute Swan was introduced into North America to grace the ponds of parks and estates. Escaped individuals have established breeding populations in several areas, where their aggressive behavior threatens native waterfowl.”


Osprey 339

This Osprey is hovering prior to pouncing.

Mallard 146

Several Mallards were hanging out at the pond.

Canada Goose 118

This Canada Goose appeared to be bathing.


House Sparrow 103

House Sparrows seem to enjoy the pond.

Tree Swallow 115

It’s tough to catch a Tree Swallow in flight.

Barn Swallow 21 Barn Swallow 20

Barn Swallow 23

Barn Swallow 22

I wasted far too much time trying to catch Barn Swallows in flight.

Black Crowned Night Heron 50


Insect 676 Ant 36 Insect 675

Butterfly 19

Today’s bugs.

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