Barn Swallow at Schoolhouse Pond

I haven’t been to Schoolhouse Pond in a while, so I took a chance this morning. I missed a Black Crowned Night Heron, who took off as I arrived, and some of the large birds were so close I had to reduce the zoom and shoot in DX mode to keep them in the frame.

I didn’t get anything great, but I may try again tomorrow.

Turtle 40

Turtles were sunning everywhere.

Eastern Phoebe 104

This Eastern Phoebe may be nesting under the dock.

Tree Swallow 114

Tree Swallows seem to be nesting nearby.

House Sparrow 102

There are several House Sparrows in the area.

Grackle 101

This Grackle was foraging right behind me.

Osprey 336 Osprey 335

Osprey 337

At least two Ospreys were fishing in the pond.



Great Blue Heron 317


Great Blue Heron 318

The Great Blue Herons were very active.

Barn Swallow 19

Barn Swallows are nesting also.

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