Northern Parula at Governor Bridge Natural Area

The threat of rain kept me home for an hour or so, and I got a late start this morning. Governor Bridge seemed as a good a choice as any, and I got there around 7:00.

There was a little activity, and I found a couple of birds right away, but it didn’t last long, so I spent some time bug hunting before I went off to do some chores.

Blue Grosbeak 206

This is a female Blue Grosbeak.

Goldfinch 205

You can usually find Goldfinches in the big field.

Northern Parula 202


Northern Parula 201

This Northern Parula was foraging at the small pond near the parking lot.

Damsel Fly 33

Fly 96 Bee 66 Golden Backed Snipe Fly 3 Insect 674 Insect 673


Ant 35

Today’s bugs.

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