Orchard Orioles at Wooton’s Landing

Back to Wooton this morning. It was very active, and Orchard Orioles were numerous. There wasn’t much action in the big pond, but I hope to see some Egrets and herons soon.

A quick stop at Sands Road produced an unusual number of Field Sparrows.

Eastern Kingbird 116

Eastern Kingbird 115

Eastern Kingbird 114


Eastern Kingbird 113

Eastern Kingbird 112

I saw this Eastern Kingbird gathering nesting material in the same spot several times.

Common Yellowthroat 201

Common Yellowthroat 200

Common Yellowthroat 110

I haven’t seem many female Common Yellowthroats lately.

Canada Goose 117

These Canada Goose gosling are growing quickly.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird 306

I caught this Ruby Throated Hummingbird feeding, but the images weren’t very good.

Field Sparrow 104

Field Sparrow 103

Field Sparrow 102

Field Sparrow 101

The Field Sparrows were feeding deep in the grass, and had me surrounded.


Snake 6

This appears to be a Northern Watersnake.

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