Eastern Kingbird at Terrapin Nature Park

It was a beautiful, cool day, but the migrants remained elusive.

I got to Terrapin right at sunrise, but there just wasn’t any significant migrant movement.  Fortunately, the regulars cooperated and I got a few good images.

The Blue Angels put on their final show today, and I managed to get a few more shots.

Osprey 334

Osprey 333

I waited a while to catch this Osprey fishing.

Snowy Egret 12

Snowy Egret 123 Snowy Egret 122

Snowy Egret 125

Snowy Egret 124

The Snowy Egrets have returned after being absent for a few days.

Wood Duck 256

Wood Duck 257

I was lucky to get a flight shot of this Wood Duck.

Least Tern 105 Least Tern 104

Least Tern 107

Least Tern 106

I don’t recall seeing Least Terns at Terrapin in previous years.

Eastern Kingbird 111 Eastern Kingbird 110

Eastern Kingbird 109

A pair of Eastern Kingbirds was flycatching in the meadow near the marsh.

Blue Angels 7 Blue Angels 8 Blue Angels 9

Blue Angels 14

How many planes do you see?

Blue Angels 16

How many planes?

Blue Angels 12 Blue Angels 13 Blue Angels 15 Blue Angels 11

Blue Angels 10

The Blue Angels finished up their air show today.


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