Baltimore Oriole at Terrapin Nature Area

It was unseasonably warm this morning, with a slight chance of rain, and I had intended to go to Truxtun Park. As I planned my day, I realized I really wanted to go back to Terrapin, where I’d had such a god day recently so off I went.

Sunrise at Terrapin

The colors were so nice that I stopped to take this image from the field near the marsh ponds.


Catbirds have been very active in the park all week.


Mockingbirds are in every corner of the park.

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

The Baltimore Oriole is actually in the Icterid (Blackbird) family. This female is probably heading to Mexico or Central America for the winter.

Green Heron

There’s a walkway between the two marsh ponds at Terrapin, and I disturb this Green Heron every time I pass though. I feel mildly sorry for him, but it makes him easy to find.


This lone Osprey treated me to a fishing exhibition. Most of his brothers have headed South.

Red Bellied Woodpecker

This Red Bellied Woodpecker was one of many birds in a small area of the park where I took pictures for about an hour.

Blue Jay

Large numbers of Blue Jays continued to pass over the park.

Cedar Waxwing

A small flock of Cedar Waxwings was flycatchiing in the treetops.




This Northern Flicker is giving is a good look at the patterns and colors on his back.

Tennessee Warbler

Tennessee Warbler

This is only the second Tennessee Warbler I’ve seen.

Red Eyed Vireo

I saw several Red Eyed Vireos foraging in the brush.



Male and female Cardinals were present in abundance.

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

This Rose Breasted Grosbeak appears to be a non breeding adult male.



I’m calling this an Empid Flycatcher until I get a better name.

Scarlet Tanager

Occasionally I get surprised when I upload images from the camera, and that’s the case with this bird, which appeared to be an oriole when I saw it. Lo and behold, it’s a non breeding Scarlet Tanager.

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  1. A few of these are Audubonesque ( if there is such a word) especially the flicker. My new work is underlined in red..I guess that means I loose. Beautiful.

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