Images for Sale

Any image on the site is for sale. If you click an individual image, you’ll get the image number, or you can just say “The second image on the 12 September 14 post, or just email me. (Use the “Comment” link).

Digital Download (Hi-Res) $20.00 These will be emailed.
8 x 10 $30.00
11 x 19 $60.00
Other sizes available on request.

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3 thoughts on “Images for Sale

  1. Hey Hugh ! Super idea, and so glad you’re finally putting it out there. BTW, you can make this a page and have it up on the top bar along with the Home and About so people can find it in an instant in the future. Something like “Purchase Prints”

    See you and your wood duck soon!

  2. I am currently working with the non-profit, “SCORE”, in developing a logo and eventual wall sign in their conference room. I found a picture of the chesapeake Bay Bridge at sunrise which I would like to use. My email is and phone is 410 703-2381. Please email me so I can show you which picture I would like to purchase.

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