Red Shouldered Hawk with Snake

Some days are better than others, and this was a good one. I haven’t even reviewed the images yet, but I saw and photographed a number of birds, including one spectacular hawk. Possum Point, Truxtun Park and the Nature Center were the locales. Excellent weather, temps in the 70s and low humidity.


Sunrise at Possum Point. The camera data says this was taken at 6:42 AM. The Bay Bridge is just to the right of this scene.


There were many fewer Ospreys than usual, and I suspect this guy will be gone very soon. This is labeled Osprey 103 in my filing system, so I’ll miss these wonderful birds


There were many small birds feeding in the foliage at the Nature Center, including this Chickadee.


I often see Titmice feeding with Chickadees.

Yellow Warbler

I’ve been looking for Warblers for several days, so it was good to find this Yellow Warbler .

Chipping Sparrow

Chipping Sparrow

Chipping Sparrows seem to be very abundant at the Nature Center.

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher

The Blue Gray Gnatcatcher is a handsome bird.

Kentucky Warbler

Another warbler, and a first for me. This is a Common Yellowthroat Warbler.

Downy Woodpecker

It’s not unusual for a Downy Woodpecker to ignore even a very close photographer.

Baltimore Oriole

This is a first year Baltimore Oriole.

Unknown Warbler

I think it’s a warbler, and I’m working on an ID.It’s an American Redstart female.


I was wading through thigh-high grass when I woke this deer, who was probably napping.

Red Shouldered Hawk

If you walk in the woods with a camera long enough you’ll find something like this Red Shouldered Hawk capturing a snake. I was thinking of all the things I could have done to make a better image, but I’ll settle for just being lucky.

Red Shouldered Hawk

In this picture, he’s eyeing the snake, and me, calculating the risk.

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