Bald Eagles and More at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

It’s been a long day. Blackwater is a 3 hour round trip, and I stayed about 4 hours, so I’m just going to post a few images and finish up tomorrow. It was a bit early for the best birds, so I’ll probably go back in a few weeks.

Yellow  Rumped Warbler 129

Yellow  Rumped Warbler 128Yellow Rumped Warbler

Sparrow 11Savannah Sparrow

Northern Pintail 18Northern Pintail

Northern Harrier 23

Northern Harrier 22

Northern Harrier 21Northern Harrier

Bald Eagle 189Bald Eagle

Seagull 2Seagull

Northern Shoveller 19

Northern Shoveller 18Northern Shoveler

Great Blue Heron 144

Great Blue Heron 142Great Blue Heron

Bald Eagle 190

American White Pelican 4American While Pelican

American Coot 19American Coot

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