Tree Swallows at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

I started out at Sandy Point this morning, and got some decent sunrise images.  The Sun is rising further to the North now, so the Possum Point sunrise is less impressive.

I went straight to CBEC, but later in the season I’ll stop at Terrapin also.

There’s still a lot of ducks at CBEC. They’re probably the usual suspects, but are too far out to see with binoculars. I did find¬† a few ducks on the pond, along with a nesting Osprey pair.

A quick stop at Quiet Waters was fruitless, which is a little odd for this time of year.

Sandy Point Lighthouse 4

A flock of Cormorants flew past the lighthouse.

Sandy Point 537

Dawn at Sandy Point.

Crow 2019-2

This Crow is building a nest nearby.

Mallard 2019-31

These Mallards will probably nest in the area.

Northern Shoveler 23019-13

A few Northern Shovelers are still lingering.

Tree Swallow 2019-4

Tree Swallows are occupying the many nest boxes at CBEC.