Northern Pintail at Thomas Point.

I checked out Possum Point early, and it didn’t look promising. I did manage a few decent images at Sandy Point, but not the colorful shots I’m looking for.

I skipped Quiet Waters because it was so barren yesterday.

Thomas Point is still the best spot, and it gave up a Pintail and a Black Duck this morning. I don’t recall seeing a Pintail there in the past.

The birds at the point were mostly too far out for good images, and there wasn’t much variety.

Sandy Point 534

Sandy Point 533

Dawn at Sandy Point.

Black Duck 2019-1

You can find Black Ducks at Thomas Point most winters.

Surf Scoter 2019-3

Surf Scoters are still numerous.

Bufflehead 2019-5

Many Buffleheads are feeding at the point.

Wood Duck 2019-1

This Wood Duck has been hanging out at Thomas Point for a month or more.

Northern Pintail 2019-1

Northern Pintail 2019-2

This Northern Pintail was a real surprise.