Eastern Kingbird at Lake Artemesia.

I still have the problem of where to go each day, so I chose Artemesia this morning. The traffic is tolerable on weekends, and it doesn’t get busy until 9:00 or so.

More Wood Ducks are out, but no Egrets and only one Heron.  Hummingbirds are are scarce, and passerines in general are hard to find.

Eastern Kingbird 2017-17

This Eastern Kingbird seemed to be watching me.

I saw this Brown Thrasher shortly after I arrived.


Most Barn Swallow chicks have fledged.

Wood Duck 2017-61 Wood Duck 2017-60 Wood Duck 2017-59 Wood Duck 2017-58 Wood Duck 2017-57 Wood Duck 2017-56

Wood Duck 2017-62

This Wood Duck hen was keeping close watch over her ducklings.

Mourning Dove 2017-2

Many Mourning Dives feed in the grass at Artemesia.

Mallard 2017-27

Mallard 2017-28

A few Mallards were foraging in the lake.