Green Heron at Terrapin Nature Park.

It was the first nice day in a week, but it didn’t improve the birding much. Terrapin is still very slow, and CBEC isn’t much better. I guess I’ll have to learn to be more creative with what’s there.

Canada Goose 2017-29

Only a few Canada Geese are still in the area.

Great Horned Owl 2017-7

This Great Horned Owl chick is thriving.

Eastern Kingbird 2017-4

Eastern Kingbirds are getting common.

Wood Duck 2017-35

A pair of Wood Ducks seem to be nesting in the marsh pond.

Tree Swallow 2017-39

Tree Swallow 2017-38

A few tree Swallows are always flying over the marsh.

Green Heron 2017-1

Green Heron 2017-2

I saw this Green Heron fly across my path, and was lucky to relocate him in the woods.