Bald Eagle at Terrapin Nature Park

Graeme and I met early and got to Terrapin around dawn. The marsh pond was fairly active for a while, and when it slowed we drove to CBEC, about 5 miles away.

We saw about 30 Egrets roosting in trees, as well as the Tri Colored Heron and many sandpipers.

Moon 100

I couldn’t pass up this morning’s Blue Moon.

Common Tern 139

This Common Tern was fishing at Terrapin.

Snowy Egret 148

Snowy Egret 147

Snowy Egret 146 Snowy Egret 145 Snowy Egret 144

Snowy Egret 143

I saw more Snowy Egrets today than ever before.

Tri Colored Heron 3


Tri Colored Heron 4

The light was a little too harsh to get a good image of this Tri Colored Heron.

Barn Swallow 29

This Barn Swallow assumed the same pose as one I saw a few days ago.

Semipalmated Plover 2

This is only the second Semipalmated Plover I’ve seen.

Green Heron 128

Green Heron 127

We saw two Green Herons this morning.

Bald Eagle 421


Bald Eagle 420

This Bald Eagle flew over quickly, and I didn’t ID it until I looked at the image.

Muskrat 8

This is the first time I’ve seen a muskrat out of the water.