Red Eyed Vireo at Governor Bridge Natural Area

Rain was predicted, but when the skies cleared and no rain was in sight I went to Governor Bridge. It was reasonably active for a while, and I ran into Graeme, so we went bug hunting.

There are more bugs than a week ago, but it’s still a bit early for some of them.

Canada Goose 122

There were many young Canada Geese in the lake.

Common Yellowthroat 214

I usually see Common Yellowthroats near the ground, but this one was high in a tree.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird 307

Ruby Throated Hummingbird 308

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds seem to be more active now.

Downy Woodpecker 031

This is a typical Downy Woodpecker pose.



White Breasted Nuthatch 102

I’ve seen White Breasted Nuthatches lie on a branch like this before, but I don’t know the reason.

Red Eyed Vireo 301

Two Red Eyed Vireos were playing tag in the canopy.

Moth 209 Dragonfly 58 Assassin Bug 110 Jewelwing 1 Broad Headed Sharpshooter 101

Rose Chafer 9

Today’s bugs.