Eastern Phoebe at Sands Road Park

It was cloudy and misty this morning, but I gave Wooton’s Landing a try anyway. ┬áThere were a few birds around, but nothing exciting, and the light was poor.

I made a stop at Sands Road on the way home, and it wasn’t any better.

Even the bugs were scarce this morning.

Wooton Sunrise 8

Sunrise in the marsh.

Common Yellowthroat 212


Common Yellowthroat 213

Wooton is a prime pace to find Common Yellowthroats.

Brown Thrasher 103

This Brown Thrasher sang from the same spot for several minutes.

Great Blue Heron 329

Great Blue Heron 328

This Great Blue Heron was fishing in the marsh pond.

Eastern Phoebe 105

Eastern Phoebes have been scarce this season.

Painted Lady 2 Bee 210 Insect 741

Spider 250

Grasshopper 202

Today’s bugs.