Semipalmated Plover at Terrapin Nature Park

I went back to Terrapin, as promised, and there wasn’t a warbler to be seen. I assume last night’s strong South wind was to blame.

I spent some time in the marsh to make up for the lack of warblers, and it all worked out.

Muskrat 5

Muskrat 4


Muskrat 3

I don’t often see a Muskrat out of the water.

Red Winged Blackbird 104

Regular readers might recognize the perch where this Red Winged Blackbird is sitting. It’s a favorite of many birds at Terrapin.

Blue Jay 204

I was lucky to catch this Blue Jay as he flew by.

Great Blue Heron 305

This Great Blue Heron was another lucky fly by.

Least Tern 102 Least Tern 101 Least Tern 100


Least Tern 103

Cornell: “The smallest of American Terns, the Least Tern is found nesting on sandy beaches along the southern coasts of the United States and up the major river systems far into the interior of the continent.”

Least Sandpiper 110

Least Sandpiper 109

The Least Sandpiper is the smallest sandpiper.

Canada Goose 110 Canada Goose 109


Canada Goose 111

These Canada Goose parents are very protective of their goslings.

Semipalmated Plover 1

This Semipalmated Plover is a first for me. “Semipalmated” refers to the partially webbed feet.