July 11, 2012

Not nearly as hot and humid.
I went to Possum Point early, then to the Nature Center. The USNA firing range was being used, so the Greenbury Point area was closed. I learned to fire the M-1 and the .45 here when I was a Plebe in 1961.


It’s hard tp pass up these magnificent birds even though they are almost commonplace on the Chesapeake Bay.

Osprey and Chick

I’ve been watching this nest for several weeks, and this chick appears to be fully fledged. There were two chicks at one time, and I know they survived the storm, so something else happened to the other chick.


In the Summer months, the sky above Possum Point is filled with Ospreys.

Red Winged Blackbird (Female)

I don’t see many Red Winged Blackbirds at Possum Point.

Northern Flicker

This Flicker perched high in a tree and surveyed the area for several minutes.

Carolina Wren

This Carolina Wren, like many of his brethren, was not at all concerned at my presence.

Great Blue Heron in Flight

I often see Great Blue Herons fly over, but seldom this many.


This juvenile Bluebird hasn’t acquired his adult plumage yet.


This may be the parent of the juvenile. They are both perched on an unused Purple Martin house.

Chipping Sparrow

The Chipping Sparrow is a handsome bird.

Carolina Wren

This Carolina Wren was serenading the entire Nature Center.


You’ll almost always see a rabbit or a deer at the Nature Center.

Bluebird (Juvenile)

The abundance of juveniles suggests Bluebirds are doing well at the Nature Center.


I’m not an insect guy, but thee’s obviously something remarkable going on here.

Butterfly and Bee

If I was a better photographer, this would be a nice shot.