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Wild Turkey at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

I chased a Red Headed Woodpecker in Crofton yesterday. These birds don’t usually nest in AA county, so it was a nice find.

I was going to Sandy Point this morning, but I elected to sleep in and try CBEC instead. The next 4-6 weeks will be slow, so I may spend more time looking for bugs.

I skipped the back path at CBEC  because the insects are so ferocious. I did well enough, finding more birds than usual. I also made a short stop at Greenbury Point where I found a couple of birds.

Chipping Sparrow 2019-4 Chipping Sparrow 2019-3 Chipping Sparrow 2019-2

Chipping Sparrow 2019-1

I found this Chipping Sparrow at CBEC.

Yellow Breasted Chat 2019-101

Yellow Breasted Chat 2019-102

Not a great shot, but I don’t get Yellow Breasted Chats in flight often.

Cedar Waxwing 2019-1

I saw this single Cedar Waxwing at CBEC. I don’t recall seeing one there before.

Mallard 2019-19

Mallard 2019-20

This pair of Mallards seemed to be chilling out.

Osprey 2019-3 Osprey 2019-2 Osprey 2019-1

Osprey 2019-4

There’s always a pair of Ospreys nesting at CBEC .

Blue Grosbeak 2019-1

It’s possible this is the first Blue Grosbeak I’ve found at CBEC.

Red Headed Woodpecker 2019-10

This is the Red Headed Woodpecker from Crofton.

Wild Turkey 2019-4 Wild Turkey 2019-3 Wild Turkey 2019-2 Wild Turkey 2019-1

Wild Turkey 2019-5

My very first Wild Turkey poult.

Dog 1

Deer 59

This White Tail Deer easily evaded two dogs chasing her in the tall grass.


Northern Rough Winged Swallows.

It’s been another slow week. I don’t have enough data to prove a trend, but it certainly seems as though it’s harder to find birds than in previous years. Some very regular birds like Flycatchers, Buntings and Grosbeaks just aren’t as common in previous years, and others seems to be present in smaller numbers.

I got to most of my regular places this week, and I managed a few pictures. The Ruddy Duck was a nice find, and who doesn’t like Swallows? A hard drive crash slowed me down, but I had a good backup and didn’t lose anything.

Great Blue Heron 2019-101 Great Blue Heron 2019-16

Great Blue Heron 2019-102

Great Blue Herons are very common, but not as numerous as in previous years.

Ruddy Duck 2019-12

This Ruddy Duck should be far West of here. He may be injured, but I haven’t seen any signs of it.

Barn Swallow 2019-1

Barn Swallows are nesting at this time of year.

Canada Goose 2019-12

Canada Goose 2019-13

I found 5 adult Canada Geese and 21 goslings at Schooler’s Pond.

Wood Duck 2019-17 Wood Duck 2019-16

Wood Duck 2019-18

There seem to be fewer Wood Duck families at Lake Artemesia.

Yellow Breasted Chat 2019

Yellow Breasted Chat 2019-100

I post regularly on MD Birding Facebook, and I think I may be the only person who posts Yellow Breasted Chats. They are regulars at Greenbury Point.

Mourning Dove 2019-1

A very attractive Mourning Dove.

Black Crowned Night Heron 2019-2

Black Crowned Night Heron 2019-1

Black Crowned Night Heron. I don’t see this bird often, but they fly over Greenbury Point frequently.

Northern Rough Winged Swallow 2019-5 Northern Rough Winged Swallow 2019-4 Northern Rough Winged Swallow 2019-3 Northern Rough Winged Swallow 2019-1 Northern Rough Winged Swallow 2019-2

Northern Rough Winged Swallow 2019-6

Northern Rough Winged Swallows are easy to find this year. These are from Schooler’s Pond and Lake Artemesia.

Deer 2019-1


This young buck was feeding at Schooler’s Pond.



Seaside Sparrow at Bombay Hook NWR.

I had planned to go to Sandy Point this morning, but then I heard there were Black Skimmers at Bombay Hook, so I changed plans.

The weather was perfect, clear skies, in the 70s. I was surprised there were so few people. Many, many herons and egrets were feeding in Raymond pool. I found very little in Shearness pool.

I found two life birds and got a couple of decent images, so I’ll call it a good day.

Diamondback Terrapin 2019

The Diamondback Terrapin is Maryland’s state reptile.

Glossy Ibis 2019-1

A small flock of Glossy Ibis flew overhead.

Great Egret 2019-102 Great Egret 2019-100

Great Egret 2019-101

This Great Egret seemed to be gathering sticks. I don;t know what the reddish tail feathers mean.

Great Egret 2019-103

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-101

There are so many Red Winged Blackbirds you almost don’t see them. Their loud, frequent calls can be very noticeable.

Barn Swallow 2019

Many Barn Swallows nest at Bombay Hook.

Willet 2019-1

This Willet flew right overhead.

Canada Goose 2019

Some Canada Geese may stay here year around.

Black Skimmer 2019-2

Black Skimmer 2019-1

Black Skimmers always put on a good show.

Black Skimmer 2019-3

Turkey Vulture 2019

A close look at a Turkey Vulture.

Common Yellowthroat 2019

I saw two Common Yellowthroat Warblers.



Seaside Sparrow 2019-1

My first Seaside Sparrow.

Fox 2019-1

These Fox kits were out exploring.

Seaside Sparrow 2019-2

American White Pelican at Blackwater NWR.

I’ve heard some good reports from Blackwater, so I made the trip this morning. I didn’t see any rarities, but the mammals came to my rescue and made a decent showing.

I made three or four loops of Wildlife Drive, including stops at the Visitor Center and The Tubman Center for Hummingbirds and Sparrows. I also checked out the Key Wallace bridge, but there wasn’t much there as yet.

Blackwater Dawn 60

Blackwater Dawn.

Rabbit 32

This Rabbit ignored my presence.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird 2019-2

Ruby Throated Hummingbird 2019-1

The feeder at the Visitor attracted many Ruby Throated Hummingbirds.

Osprey 2019-28

THis Osprey has found a nice fish.

Red Headed Woodpecker 2019-1

Red Headed Woodpeckers will be audible all Summer.

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-11 Red Winged Blackbird 2019-12 Red Winged Blackbird 2019-9

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-10

This Red Winged Blackbird was looking for bugs at the Visitor Center.

Bald Eagle 2019-37

Bald Eagle 2019-38

I saw about 15 Bald Eagles this morning.

American White Pelican 2019-1

American White Pelican 2019-2

A single American White Pelican paddled slowly by on Wildlife Drive.

Delmarva Fox Squirrel 32

Delmarva Fox Squirrel 33

Delmarva Fox Squirrel 34

I see Delmarva Fox Squirrels often, but they don’t usually pose so well.

Sika Deer 2

This Sika Deer was foraging near the blind.


Marsh Wren at Bombay Hook NWR.

Some days it seems as though the Spring Migration is passing me by again. I’ve spent  lot of time seeking, and not enough time finding. My guess is everything is two weeks behind normal.

I spent the morning at Bombay Hook and got a few decent images. I also stopped at Truxtun Park to get a look at the Blue Angels annual show. I haven’t finished processing everything yet, so I’ll probably add some pics later.

Snowy Egret 2019-9

These Egrets remained quite close together for a while.

Yellow Warbler 2019-4

Yellow Warbler 2019-5

This Yellow Warbler was very active.

Blue Grosbeak 2019-4

I heard several Blue Grosbeaks today, but found only one.

Short Billed Dowitcher 2019-7

Hundreds of Short Billed Dowitchers were feeding in the shallows.

Dunlin 2019-4

Dunlin 2019-5

Dunlin 2019-6

Dunlins and Dowitchers were foraging in mixed flocks.

Tree Swallow 2019-12

Tree Swallows were constantly on the move.

Least Sandpiper 2019-3

Hundreds of Least Sandpipers were visible from the road.

Bald Eagle 2019-34

This is a juvenile Bald Eagle.

Marsh Wren 2019-3

Marsh Wren 2019-1

It’s easy to hear Marsh Wrens, but harder to get a decent pic.

Fox 116 Fox 117 Fox 118 Fox 119

Fox 115

These Fox kits are living in a den adjacent to the main road, and are probably used to people getting quite close.

Marsh Wren 2019-2

Nest of a Marsh Wren.

Blue Angels 55

The Blue Angels as seen from Truxtun Park.

Blue Angels 58 Blue Angels 59 Blue Angels 54

Yellow Warbler at Bombay Hook.

It’s unusual for me to go this long without a post, but it’s been slow birding for a while. It’s been a wet, cold Spring so far, and that may be affecting migration. I’m finding very few interesting migrants.

I’ve been to Sandy Point, Greenbury Point and Quiet Waters, and they’ve all been quiet. I decided to change my luck with a trip to Bombay Hook, and it paid off. I’ve had better days there, but it was an above average day.


Black Necked Stilt 2019-2

I found only two Black Necked Stilts.


Red Winged Blackbird 2019-5

This is a young Red Winged Blackbird.

Blue Grosbeak 2019-3

Blue Grosbeaks are often found along the edge of the marsh.

Least Sandpiper 2019-1

There were many hundreds of Least Sandpipers.

Bald Eagle 2019-32

I saw more Bald Eagles than usual.

Bald Eagle 2019-31 Bald Eagle 2019-30

Bald Eagle 2019-33

This very dark Bald Eagle is likely this year’s young.

Mute Swan 2019-1

Four Mute Swans were calmly feeding in Raymond Pool.

Great Egret 2019-16

This Great Egret may be in Breeding plumage.

Short Billed Dowitcher 2019-5

Short Billed Dowitcher 2019-6

Hundreds of Short Billed Dowitchers were feeding in the marsh.

Crow 2019-6

I don’t get close to Crows very often.

Cardinal 2019-5

I saw this Cardinal at Greenbury Point.

Yellow Breasted Chat 2019-4

Yellow Breasted Chat 2019-3

It’s Easy to find Yellow Breasted Chats at Greenbury Point.

Spotted Sandpiper 2019-3 Spotted Sandpiper 2019-1

Spotted Sandpiper 2019-2

This Spotted Sandpiper was at Lake Artemesia.

Canada Goose 2019-29

Canada Geese have hatched their young already.

Ring Billed Gull 2019-7

This Ring Billed Gull was at Sandy Point.

Yellow Warbler 2019-2 Yellow Warbler 2019-1

Yellow Warbler 2019-3

Some fellow birders pointed out this Yellow Warbler.


Blue Grosbeak at Bombay Hook NWR.

I wasn’t sure where to go when I went to bed, but Bombay beckoned this morning, and off I went.

The weather was seriously foggy when I left the house but largely cleared by the time I arrived.  Some fog and clouds returned later, which was disappointing.

The early morning low tide attracted many shorebirds, but the population quickly diminished as the water rose. Eagles were well represented. There were a lot of photographers for a weekday morning.

I also found some Terns and the Grosbeaks. A good day.

Gray Catbirdc 2019-01

I found a single Gray Catbird.

Forster's Tern 2019-2

Several Forster’s Terns were fishing in Raymond Pool.

Bald Eagle 2019-28 Bald Eagle 2019-27


Bald Eagle 2019-26 - Copy

Bald Eagle 2019-29

Many Bald Eagles were fishing this morning.

Great Egret 2019-14 - Copy

Great Egret 2019-15 - Copy

This Great Egret Landed right in front of me.

Greater Yellowlegs 2019-5 - Copy

Greater Yellowlegs are becoming more common.

Short Billed Dowitcher 2019-4

You have to look closely to ID the Short Billed Dowitcher.

Dunlin 2019-1

Dunlin 2019-2

A Dunlin on the left, a least Sandpiper(?) on the right.

Forster's Tern 2019-3

Forster's Tern 2019-2

Several Forster’s Terns were fishing in Raymond Pool.

Laughing Gull 2019-1

A single Laughing Gull flew over the area.

Snowy Egret 2019-7 Snowy Egret 2019-6

Snowy Egret 2019-8

Many Snowy Egrets were present, but there will be many more as the season progresses.

Blue Grosbeak 2019-2 - Copy

Blue Grosbeak 2019-1 - Copy

This is a female Blue Grosbeak.


Canada Goose at Terrapin Nature Park.

It’s been a tough few days. We’re right at the start of Spring migration, people are finding warblers, and I’m getting nowhere. Spring birding is about warblers, and they don’t seem to like me.

I’ve been out every day it’s not raining, and I know where to go, but nothing’s working.

I did Terrapin and CBEC this morning, and I’ve been to Artemesia, Wooton, Sands Road, Quiet Waters and Truxtun Park without seeing a single warbler or interesting migrant. Grrr.

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-2

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-3

This red Winged Blackbird serenaded me at Terrapin.

Barn Swallow 2019-4

I was lucky to get even this poor photo of a Barn Swallow at Artemesia.

White Throated Ssparrow 2019-1

White Throated Sparrows are among the last to leave.

Snowy Egret 2019-5

There were only three birds fishing at Terrapin, including these Egrets.

Wood Duck 2019-54

Wood Duck 2019-55

I found this Wood Duck at Artemesia.

Canada Goose 2019-25

Canada Goose 2019-24

These Canada Goslings are only a few days old.

White Crowned Sparrow at Blackwater NWR.

It was sunny and calm, as predicted, but it wasn’t a prolific kind of day. I remember thinking a few years ago that migration seemed to be moving slowly.

Eagles were everywhere, but wading birds and warblers were seriously sparse.

The White Crowned Sparrows were a welcome sight,  perhaps a harbinger of better things to come.

White Eyed Vireo 2019-3

I found this White Eyed Vireo yesterday at Terrapin.

Osprey 2019-27

Several Ospreys nest at Blackwater.

Bald Eagle 2019-22

Bald Eagle 2019-23

This Eagle pair seemed to be enjoy an aerial duel.

Great Egret 2019-12

Eastern Kingbird 2019-1

A single Eastern Kingbird greeted me this morning.

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-1

Red Winged Blackbirds were in full song.

Green Heron 2019-4

This Green Heron was at Terrapin yesterday.

White Crowned Sparrow 2019-2 White Crowned Sparrow 2019-1

White Crowned Sparrow 2019-3

A small flock of White Crowned Sparrows was passing through.

Beaver Family at Lake Artemesia.

The weather man was making dire predictions, but I headed for Artemesia anyway, and found decent weather rather than the predicted rain. I read years ago that you could flip a coin and get it right as often as the weather folks.

Wood Ducks made a good showing, as well as geese, but no interesting migrants came along.

I also stopped at Buddy Attick on the way back, but found nothing of note in an hour. That’s unusual for that location.

Wood Duck 2019-52

Wood Duck 2019-53

Several Wood Ducks were foraging near shore.

Barn Swallow 2019-1

Barn Swallow 2019-2

Barn Swallows have begun nest building.

Song Sparrow 2019-8

Song Sparrow 2019-9

This Song Sparrow was singing out loudly.

Cardinal 2019-3

Cardinals could be heard all around the lake.

Cardinal 2019-4 Cardinal 2019-2

Cardinal 2019-2

Mallard 2019-33

The full moon added color to the water, making these Mallards look good.

Canada Goose 2019-23

This Canada Goose also benefited from the reflected colors.


This Deer greeted me early on.

Beaver 161

Beaver 159

I was hoping to get a good look at the Beaver’s tail.

Beaver 154

At least 5 Beavers seemed to be having a family outing.

Beaver 158

This appears to be a family outing of Beavers.

Beaver 157

Beaver 155 Beaver 156

Lake Artemesia 126

I often photograph this Willow tree.